Dealing with the risk of miscommunicating Biblical truth through pictures

Centre for the Study of Bible & Mission

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 10.51.19Over at the Scripture Engagement website Michelle Peterson gives a summary and links for her article Avoiding Visual Miscommunication: Choosing Illustrations for Translated Scripture. I’ve put the description and link below.
The issue has been raised before by a colleague of mine, Johannes Merz, who describes the ‘visual predicament’ of the Jesus Film (see his article, ‘Translation and the Visual Predicament of the “JESUS” Film in West Africa’, in Missiology, 2010, no. 2 pp.111-126 – you’ll need a subscription to read it). His main point is that we need to give more thought to how visual images can be misunderstood and, therefore, we need to do more to overcome those things.
Although Merz and Peterson’s work is focused on non-Western projects, these are questions everyone needs to be wrestling with. Think about how often we use images to illustrate Bible talks; think about how we use images to present something from the Bible…

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