Help! I’ve been Rickrolled – Responses to my Socialist/Capitalist Articles

So there I was, waiting for the phone call from Reformation 21. You know the “Thanks for your critique of Rick Phillip’s post but you got it wrong. However, in the interests of balance, we wondered if you could write an article for Ref 21 explaining why pastors should preach against the evils of Capitalism.” But they never called. Instead I got this –

I hope you will read it but here are the highlights….

Areas of Agreement:

Rick repudiates associating the gospel with any economic or political theory. He also does not agree with those who accuse me of breaching the 9th commandment just because of my responses. Given that these are the two things we agree on in the article I will not write more about them – but suffice it to say that I think they are the two most important things and I appreciate Rick…

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4 thoughts on “Help! I’ve been Rickrolled – Responses to my Socialist/Capitalist Articles

  1. Here I have to disagree with our friend and more with Rick Phillips. In the same way he asserted that Rick is a product of his culture in being against socialism I think our friend’s UK background makes him pro-socialism even though I don’t think economically it is the best for the country.

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