Round 1 is over, the results are in, and only 32 authors have made it to Round 2 of Logos March Madness. But even if your first-round picks didn’t make it, that’s no reason to take your ball and go home. After all, you can save 30% on selected works by authors eliminated from the competition. So, even if you lose, you still win. Score!

Round 1’s biggest upset

There were quite a few upsets this round, but one matchup took us all by surprise.

We pitted John Calvin against John MacArthur(a tough choice for many of us, no doubt). Calvin is a perennial favorite, but he barely squeaked into the next round; he beat MacArthur by less than 200 votes!

Not that we’re complaining—now you can get 30% off the John MacArthur Sermon Archiveand 16 other resources by MacArthur.

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