Samaritan's Song

In the time between the crucifixion and the resurrection, the disciples waited.

They are about to become living witnesses to the greatest miracle in the history of mankind.  The Promise that has walked with them has accomplished the fullness of God’s plan.  The Savior has, indeed, saved.

And they have no idea.

With the blessing of history and hindsight, we can see it.  We, from our vantage point, always see the aftermath of the crucifixion illuminated by the glow of the resurrection. But the disciples didn’t.  What we understand as the transition from death to life they saw as a tangled mess of failure, despair, fear, and confusion.

The Bible tells us that even the believers who walked most closely with Christ literally didn’t understand His plan, or that His intention was to come back from the dead.  There were no knowing glances exchanged at the cross.  As far…

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