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13 March 1873 Death of John Christian Reichardt, Translator of LSPCJ Hebrew New Testament #otdimjh

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Just before the close of this Period the London Mission sustained a further heavy loss by the death on March 13th,1873, in the 70th year of his age, of the Rev. John Christian Reichardt, who for very nearly half a century had devoted his life as a missionary to the Jews. (Gidney p344ff, here)

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Appointed as far back as 1824, he worked, as we have already seen, in Warsaw, and in London, and also temporarily in Jerusalem, and in Holland. He was Clerical Superintendent of the Operative Jewish Con-verts’ Institution from 1831 to 1851. A brilliant scholar, he is chiefly remembered for his great work, already referred to, con-tinued for many years, on the Society’s editions of the Hebrew Old and New Testaments.


He also rendered conspicuous service in the training of candidates for missionary…

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