I recently published a blog entitled Answering a Fool (The Ungrounded Premise), which you can check out here. In it, I addressed an inciting meme put up by an atheist, which I had come across on Facebook. It needed to be addressed because of its blatant sarcasm and its utter lack of verisimilitude.

This time, I am writing about a post (which I also came across on Facebook), written by another atheist. Just as with the the meme that I responded to, this Facebook post also presumes a false premise. (In all fairness, it didnโ€™t carry the same sarcastic quality as the meme had.) The intent here is to provide another example of how we (Christians) might answer a fool when challenged.

The Facebook post read as followsโ€ฆ

โ€œQuestion for Theist ??
If Physics, Chemistry, Geology, Astronomy, Biology, medicine and genetics, Ecology are all science related. Why isโ€ฆ

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