Finding mission in the big story and the tiny details of the Bible

Centre for the Study of Bible & Mission


‘Mission is what the Bible is all about’, declares Chris Wright in his The Mission of God: Unlocking the Grand Narrative of the Bible (Nottingham: Inter-Varsity Press, 2006, p.29). While he goes on throughout the book to nuance what he means by this bold statement, it reflects something BIG about the relationship between the Bible and God’s mission: that the unified and unifying story of Scripture is the story of God’s mission. It is a ‘big picture’ claim, which echoes a lot of writing on missional hermeneutics over the last ten to twenty years.

Yet, while we celebrate the way in which the Bible’s big picture tells us about God’s mission, let’s not forget that God’s heart for mission can be seen in the tiny details of Scripture as well. Later in the same book Wright has this to say about some of the seemingly incidental editorial seams in the Gospels…

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