Twa Kingdoms:Time for Reflection at the Scottish Parliament

This is the full text of the “Time for Reflection” I gave today at the Scottish Parliament.

Presiding Officer, Members of Parliament, as a Free Church minister I think I will find this difficult to keep to four minutes – but we believe in miracles…

As Moderator of the Free Church I bring you prayerful greetings from our growing denomination.

As you know the relationship between church and state has sometimes had a troubled history in Scotland.  My own church was formed as the Church of Scotland, Free, because of the intrusions of the state into matters that were none of its business.

In the 16th Century, there is the story of the famous encounter between Andrew Melville and James VI in Falkland palace. Melville told James  ‘You are but God’s sillie vassal” before going on to inform him,

“Thair is twa Kings and twa Kingdomes in Scotland. Thair…

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