On This Day In Messianic Jewish History

17 March 1842 Bishop Michael Solomon Alexander of Jerusalem ordains Pioneer Missionary to Moslems


Bishop Alexander’s first year in Jerusalem was busy. His first ordination was of John Mühleisen, who worked with CMS in Ethiopia, and was a pioneering missionary to Moslems. The organization he proposed, “The Society for Propagating the Gospel among the Moslems, in connection with the Church of England” owed not a little in its vision, aims and organization, to “The London Society for the Promoting Christianity amongst the Jews”

Gidney records:(p235):

“The Bishop held his first Ordination on March 17th, the candidate being John Mühleisen, C.M.S. Missionary for Abyssinia, and baptized a Jewish family on Whitsun-Day. On October 9th, he held his first Confirmation, when eight Hebrew Christians were presented; the next week he married two converts, and, on October 30th, ordained E. M. Tartakover, the first Hebrew Christian ordained…

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