Jesus Teaches Many Things

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Mark 10:1-31

Parallel Texts: Matthew 19:1 – 20:16; Luke 18:15-30

Jesus has now left Galilee behind and crossed into Judea, and the crowds are large. In the first part of this passage, the Pharisees attempt to trap Him with a question about divorce. Surely they are aware of His teaching on the subject in the Sermon on the Mount, in which Jesus took a tough stand on the subject, saying that divorce is not permissible except for “unfaithfulness”. Pleas recall that “unfaithfulness” is a covenant term, and not always a sexual term.  Apparently, the Pharisees hoped to catch Jesus in a legal trap, since divorce was permitted under the Law of Moses, but as you might expect, they were no match for Him.

Then there is the incident of the little children being kept away from Jesus by His disciples, and Jesus’ displeased reaction much as we have seen before…

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