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There is always a healthy level of skepticism but, like everything else, it can be abused. Note that this is a line widely associated with the atheist comedian George Carlin. I’ve come to know, having reviewed Carlin before, that he is widely known for saying dumb things without thinking. That’s not to suggest that Carlin himself is dumb, but rather that what he says is. But it is also worth noting that many atheists espouse this hyper-skepticism; a skepticism that is taken to the extreme and thus is irrational.

If, for example, a fellow Christian told me that he experienced a miracle, I’d like to question him on it (is it consistent with what the Bible, that he believes is God inspired, reveals? Has he seen anything else that is similar? Does his explanation have a natural cause, or is it overtly supernatural?). I’d also like to ask other eyewitnesses…

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