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18 March 1996 Symposium on Christian Kabbalah – Jewish mystical tradition with faith in Yeshua #otdimjh


The Kabbalah (lit. “tradition”, transliterated as Kabalah, Cabbalah, etc) has fascinated Christians over the centuries and is used by some Messianic Jews today in their Christology (see Harvey, Mapping Messianic Jewish Theology, ch. 3). Scholarly study of the Christian Kabbalah was given a focus by Gershom Scholem, François Secret, Joseph Dan, and more recently, Elliot Wolfson. This important exhibition brought together major works of Christian Kabbalah and leading scholars to discuss them. Would that Messianic Jews and others were able to critically reflect on the methods of interpreting and utilizing such diverse materials!


Here is the introduction to the exhibition, by Ken Gewertz:

Mystical Encounters: New exhibition at Houghton shows how Renaissance scholars used ancient Jewish Kabbalah to prove Christian doctrines

The term “Christian Kabbalah” — the subject of a new exhibition at…

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