Are You Sure You Want That?

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Mark 10:32-45

Parallel Texts: Matthew 20:17-28; Luke 18:31-34

This interesting passage begins with Jesus predicting what his fate would be again, and then takes an odd shift when James and John ask for something they don’t understand. In the end, Jesus sort of grants their wish and then tells them what they’ve chosen…

Can’t you just picture the procession as they all marched towards Jerusalem? Jesus is in the lead, followed by the disciples, who in turn were followed by crowds of people. The disciples were astonished at where they were headed, while the people were afraid… but what did they fear? It would seem that the plotting of the Pharisees was not a well-kept secret.

At some point along the way, Jesus takes the disciples aside and tells them what is going to happen again; did they understand it this time?

This is where James and John enter the…

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