Synoptic Problem Posts

The Jesus Memoirs

Here are some of the posts over the last month on the Synoptic Problem so far:

  • The Synoptic Problem: Introduction
  • The Synoptic Problem: Markan Priority or Posterity
    • The difficulty of understanding Mark as a harmonizer of Matthew and Luke (e.g. major omissions, greater detail in individual episodes, puzzling additions)
    • The length of Mark
    • Mark’s grammar, style, and Aramaisms
    • Mark’s theological harder readings
  • The Synoptic Problem: The Case for and against Q
    • Lack of Matthean additions to Mark in Luke
    • Lack of “M” in Luke
    • Alternating primitivity in Matthew and Luke
    • Disagreements when Matthew or Luke depart from Mark’s order
    • The double tradition in different contexts in Matthew and Luke
    • The distinct profile of “Q”
    • The minor agreements against Mark
    • The major agreements against Mark or the Mark-Q overlaps
  • Alternative Synoptic Solutions: Luke’s use of Matthew and Q (Holtzmann, Gundry, Bird); Luke’s use of Matthew and Q (Price); Luke’s…

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