Remember – a Review

My film reviews are like bus’s – you wait ages for one, and then two come along at once.  But I could not wait to write this one.  We went to see ‘Remember’ last night at our usual venue, Dundee Contemporary Arts…the small cinema two was virtually empty..but the handful of us who saw this remarkable film were stunned.  It has possibly the most stunning and surprizing ending I have ever seen in a film…so I won’t spoil things for you with a spoiler.

Remember is the story of Zev (Christopher Plummer)  a 90-year-old survivor of Auschwitz, who struggles with dementia and is living a quiet retirement home.  After his wife dies he gets a package from his friend (Max – played by Martin Landau)  which gives him step by step instructions how to trace and kill the cruel guard, who is now living in the US.  The rest of the film follows…

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