The Crybullying Narcissist

Freedom Through Empowerment

I used to think President Obama’s narcissism played a central role in the severe divisiveness that’s tearing this country apart and that getting someone new in office would offer relief, even if not from my preferred political party.

I’ve changed my mind after reading Daniel Greenfield’s brilliant Youmerica post from his excellent Sultan Knish blog. Don’t get me wrong, Obama’s pettiness in dealing with those that disagree with him, his shallow strawman arguments and inability to admit mistakes has caused enormous damage we will be lucky to undue.

The problem doesn’t stem from President Obama though, it comes from our own narcissist culture that elected him; twice no less! It now also looks likely we will replace one Narcissist in Chief for another via either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton.

The nastiness and vitriol will continue under either candidate of course, spiraling in to unknown territories of misery.

Greenfield further…

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