20 March 1800 Birth of scholar Gottfried Bernhardy #otdimjh

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20 March 1800 Birth of Gottfried Bernhardy, Classical Scholar and Man of Letters #otdimjh

Gottfried_Bernhardy_-_Imagines_philologorum (2)

Gottfried Bernhardy (20 March 1800 – 14 May 1875), German philologist and literary historian, was born at Landsberg an der Warthe (now Poland) in the Neumark.


Bernstein [118] summarises Bernhardy, Dr. Gottfried, born in Landsburg, 1860, died 1875, embraced Christianity when studying in Berlin. He was a great classical scholar, and wrote as Professor, “Syntax of the Greek Language,” Berlin, 1829. “Grundriss der Romischen Literatur,” 1830. “Grundlinien der Encyclopædia der Philologie,” 1832, &c. (Bernstein [118])


His father was a merchant who had been successful and prosperous, but who in Gottfried’s childhood had a series of business reverses that left him in a position where he had to struggle for the bare necessities of life and with but little prospect for providing the boy with a liberal education.


Joachimsthalsches Gymnasium

At this juncture when the lad was about…

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