The Crescent, the Cross and the Collapse of European Civilisation


This is my article from the latest edition of the Solas Magazine which you can subscribe to here (get it paper or online) – this is a vital issue for the church and for our whole culture…

This video gives a preview –

It was a wonderful statement from the former Lutheran pastors daughter. She wanted her country to welcome in the refugees from the conflicts in the Middle East and Africa. Not for her the paltry 20,000 over five years that the United Kingdom promised to take. No, Mrs Merkel was prepared to take as many as wanted to come – and they did. Over 1 million were registered in Germany during 2015, four times the number that came in 2014.

And Germany is not the only country to welcome these refugees with open arms.   Sweden has the highest proportion with 1575 per 100,000 population.   Followed by Hungary…

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