Signs and Wonders..

See, there's this thing called biology...

I am all about the signs, both prophetically and literally, as in God often gives me words to ponder, phrases, bits of advertising, lamps to light the path before me, to make His presence known in my life. How kind God has been, how gentle and caring, because many times when I have been full of despair, I have looked up to see a cross on a hill or a fish, or the precise words I  have needed to hear, cleverly tucked into a piece of advertising.

It can make me a bit quirky, because there I am giggling in delight when I discover God’s perfect synchronicity, which is a bit like a private joke no one else can hear. I once got into a heated debate with a church reader board, which actually caused a cop to stop and ask what I was up to. There is no good…

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Published by Vincent S Artale Jr

Biblical studies, Health and Nutrition, Biology, Fitness, Hiking, Reading. Re-blogging doesn't equal agreement.

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