Truth in Palmyra

Wait you say, where did day 1 go? Well day 1 wasn’t really about much. We drove, checked into a motel, ate supper and went to bed. Actually, eating supper and going to be are things that I personally find fairly fun, but not really how I would describe vacation. I can do that at home.

Actually, day one does bear some mention as we didn’t go to Gatlinburgat first as my earlier post said we were. Our first stop was in seedo_chattanooga.jpg lovely Chatanooga, TN.

No, we didn’t take a wrong turn! We made a stop so that this morning we could attend Sunday Worship at Riverside Baptist Church Riverside.jpg

Now, Riverside Baptist Church isn’t just any church, but happens to the the church pastored by my blogging friend Brother Anthony Baker anthony from the Recovering Legalist BlogBrother Anthony preached a truly great sermon on this Palm Sunday on The…

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