The Old Ways of Serving Still Matter

Samaritan's Song

I’m used to churches serving people with food.

The church I grew up in held a dinner to mark every occasion.  Any time anyone died, foil-wrapped casseroles and giant boxes of chicken started showing up en masse, enough to feed a family of five for weeks on end.  Birth?  Food.  Illness?  Food.  Celebration?  Food!

Somewhere along the way, I got used to it.  The jokes about Baptists and big meals always gave me a chuckle.  Serving food after a tragedy was just something Christians did.  And although it’s always seemed like a nice tradition, I’ll admit that some part of me stopped viewing it as a ministry.  I even wondered – somewhere around the 5,000th box of chicken – if maybe it was overkill.  Because it was a typical response to tragedy in the world I lived in, I think I grew to take it for granted.

And then…

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