It’s a Miracle! – Apologetics 101 – no.9

This is the latest in the series on Apologetics 101 – You can get the original by clicking HERE – It was published at the weekend.

Understanding miracles: Does God break the laws of nature?

Do miracles contradict science?

The scientist was adamant. “I don’t believe in God, because I have never met anyone healed in answer to prayer”. I was shocked. Not just because it seemed such a strange reason, but also because it was my first public speaking event, after being healed in answer to prayer. I ripped up my prepared speech shook his hand and said “You have now!” before going on to tell my story.

I guess many people would say they would believe if they saw a real miracle. But is it that simple?

Firstly we need to define our terms. What is a miracle? The word can be used very lightly. It’s a miracle…

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