How True is the Truth? The Catholic Herald and Johann Veith #otdimjh

On This Day In Messianic Jewish History

I am delighted to post this contribution from Dr. Simon Mayers,a researcher and historian with research interests in Anglo-Jewish history, the history of religious anti-Judaism, and the development and transmission of religious ideas and discourses. His blog is here .

veith.pngWatercolor by Josef Kriehuber
(1800-1876) from 1860

Repro Wikipedia and JW Nagl – J. Zeidler, Deutsch-Österreichische Literaturgeschichte: ein Handbuch zur Geschichte der deutschen Dichtung in Österreich-Ungarn, Dritter Band, Von 1848 bis 1890 (1930) p. 255

Johann Veith was one of the most popular and best known Jewish converts to Catholicism in the 19th century. The Jewish Chronicle mentions him as a particular example of Jews who become Christians, and calls for a history to be written about them. This post provides something of an answer:

How a Jew Found Truth? – Johann Emanuel Veith and the Accusation of Jewish Scriptural Tampering

On 23 March 1894, a short article entitled “How a Jew Found Truth”…

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