Because He Lives

Mom's Going to Madagascar

lacey higginsHello friends!ūüėä My name is Lacey Higgins.¬†I am from Pontotoc, MS; however, I¬†currently live in Clinton, MS where I go to school at Mississippi¬†College.¬†I am a Sophomore Public¬†Relations marketing major with a Christian Studies minor. I am in¬†Kissimee Social Tribe. This¬†spring break I went¬†with this tribe to Haiti on a missions¬†trip! If you want to know more, you can check out my¬†blog.


lacey 1‚ÄúBecause He lives, I can face tomorrow.¬† Because He lives, all fear is gone.¬† Because I know He hold the future, life is worth the living just because He lives.‚Ä̬† Sunday morning, I (and a group of my Kissimee Social Tribe sisters from Mississippi College) walked into Bertin Church.¬†¬† The music to this song started to play, and we sang along.¬† However, it was very different from any other time we sang this song.¬† When the music‚Ķ

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