Review: The New Testament

PrintArthur J. Bellinzoni is Professor of Religion Emeritus at Wells College in Aurora, New York, where he served for nearly four decades. He received his B.A. from Princeton University and his M.A. and Ph.D. from Harvard University. Bellinzoni is the author of several books, including, The Sayings of Jesus in the Writings of Justin Martyr (Brill, 1967), The Two Source Hypothesis: A Critical Appraisal (Mercer University Press, 1985), and The Old Testament: An Introduction to Biblical Scholarship (Prometheus Books, 2008). Most recently, Bellinzoni has released the New Testament counterpart to his Old Testament introduction—a well-organized and uniquely situated introduction to New Testament scholarship.

The New Testament: An Introduction to Biblical Scholarshipbegins with a brief introduction to the origins of modern biblical scholarship and the methods and rules of evidence therein. As the book unfolds, Bellinzoni systematically tackles some of the various shades that flavor the discipline of New Testament…

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