Do Not Let Easter Be A Culmination

Samaritan's Song



Musicals.  Dinners. Festivals. Parades.  Special once-a-year bulletins.  Food drives.  Spiral-cut hams.  Children’s programs.  Bewildered congregation members wearing fake, itchy beards and robes and Styrofoam painted to look like the empty tomb.  New dresses.  Big hugs.  “He is Risen!”  “He is Risen, indeed.”

Easter is a big deal.  And it should be.  The commemoration of Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection is the truth and the miracle on which all our hope hinges; it should be celebrated.  The reverence Christ was often denied in the flesh He will have now on these days of all days from the worldwide believers who have placed their faith in Him.

Easter matters.  And it matters today on Good Friday, and it will matter on the waiting day of Saturday, and it will matter on blessed Sunday morning.

But what will Monday be?

The echoes of choir songs will have faded.  We’ll be back in…

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