Living Christ, Dying Church? – Moderator’s Easter Message

HeaderI have reading so much rubbish in the past few days from church leaders and Christian charity leaders that it’s enough to drive anyone to despair.  It’s like we are living in some kind of surreal parallel universe, rather than the real world.   Or maybe I’m the one who is seeing things wrongly….?!  Anyway discouraging as that is, how wonderful that though the church may appear dead, Christ is alive, and His Church will never die….Christ is my only comfort in life and death…

Anyway here is my resultant Moderator’s Easter Address

Scotland’s congregations are in “desperate need of their own resurrection” and unless church leaders “stop living in denial” about the state of Christianity they will die, the Moderator of the General Assembly has said.

Rev David Robertson said that the resurrection of Jesus Christ and the hope of the Gospel had the potential to change lives and communities across…

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