Also, according to what?


The Lions Den

You gotta love the understated elegance of scripture, and the eternal wisdom of God, as if to anticipate all the high crimes and misdemeanors by the creatures on earth who dare say with the utmost arrogance that man is a product of accident, or that life is purely without intelligent design, that after speaking into existence ‘light,’ God would have man record that: ‘He made the stars also.’

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Also.’ In addition to His unmatched glory and incomparable magnificence, He made the stars also.’ Naturally demure, as he is perfect. It was God who called the light ‘Day,’ and oh by the way, ‘He made the stars also.’ The unfathomable span above us, reaching further than the comprehension of the human mind, delineated simply that men may know, that the jewels of heaven reveal the glory of God.

Quite an offense then, to deny God…

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