The Ultimate Proof – The Resurrection of Jesus – Apologetics 101 – no.10

Its been some week!  Not least in terms of writing and contending for the Gospel and all hell has broken loose!    For me Easter is a good time to remember that death is dead, Christ has won, love has conquered.  Although I happen to think that we should celebrate every Sunday as the Day of the Risen Lord.  Here is the latest in my series Christian Today Apologetics 101  which looks, of course, at the Resurrection.   It is really a distillation of the chapter ‘Marvellous’ in Magnificent Obsession.   You can follow the rest of the series Here


There was a fascinating response to my last article, on miracles. “You have asked what evidence atheists like myself would accept for the existence of God and I have been honest and told you that I don’t know,” wrote one person. “I do know it would have to miraculous on…

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