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29 March 1887 Death of Mrs. Reynolds, CMJ volunteer #otdimjh

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“Mrs. Reynolds continued her useful and voluntary work amongst the Jewesses in the East End, until her death on March 29th, 1888” (Gidney).

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I have not been able to find a picture of Mrs. Reynolds, or even discover what her first name was. Like so many volunteers, she remains in the shadows, not wanting to take credit for her self-giving service. Yet she is mentioned frequently by Gidney, and also in the work of Samuel Wilkinson, as someone who served faithfully, was much respected, and significantly contributed to the sharing of the Good News of the Messiah.

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We do know that she was the daughter of a distinguished surgeon, Sir David James Hamilton Dickson, M.D and married to the General Secretary of the London Soceity, Rev. James Reynolds. Reynolds published the Beehive, the children’s version of the CMJ magazine…

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