Jumping Jehoshaphat!

The Daddy Blitz

In the movie His Girl Friday, Cary Grant famously exclaimed, “Jumping Jehoshaphat!” I always thought that was a strange phrase and yet something about it made me want to say it out loud, despite the anticipated judgmental stares to follow. My first hearing of it was as a kid while watching Walt Disney’s Sword in the Stone, which remains my all-time favorite feature-length cartoon.  While fighting his nemesis, Madam Mim, in a wizard duel, Merlin exclaimed, “Jehoshaphat!” while nearly being smashed into a tree:

For the longest time, I had no idea who Jehoshaphat was or what the saying meant. When my curiosity finally peaked, I discovered that Jehoshaphat was an important Biblical figure, whom, sadly, many Christians know nothing about.

In 2 Samuel 7, we are told that God made a promise to David that his throne would last forever, ultimately culminating in the birth and resurrection of the promised Messiah. In fulfillment…

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