“Religion and Ideology in Assyria” by Beate Pongratz-Leisten

The Biblical Review

BeateBeate Pongratz-Leisten. Religion and Ideology in Assyria. SANER, Vol. 6. Berlin: de Gruyter, 2015, pp. 553, $154 (de Gruyter).

*I’d like to express my gratitude to de Gruyter for providing me with a review copy in exchange for my honest opinion.

Beate Pongratz-Leisten is a Professor of Ancient Near Eastern Studies at New York University (Institute for the Study of the Ancient World). With an already extensive CV of articles and books relating to the history of the ancient Near East, this work is seminal in the field of Assyriology. The seed of Religion and Ideology in Assyria began in 2003 and the final product was published in 2015. So, her work is in many respects the heart and soul of her academic experience. As a result, Religion and Ideology in Assyria provides an extremely in-depth understanding and analysis of how Assyrian ideological discourse “reflected and informed power relations”…

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