The Whole Christ – The Best Theological Book in 400 plus years!


The Whole Christ – A Review

Legalism, antinomianism, and gospel assurance why the marrow controversy still matters

A while ago Sinclair Ferguson graciously handed me a copy of his latest book, ‘The Whole Christ’.   I love Sinclair’s writing, but I have to be honest and say that a book about a 300 year old theological controversy within Scottish Presbyterianism, doesn’t really sound as though it would float anyone’s boat. It took me a few days to get round to reading it. It is stunning. I mean that. If I had to name my top three theological books I would include The Whole Christ in there along with Calvin’s Institutes and Augustine’s Confession.  It really is that good. It is a life changing book which I times I just had to put down, lift my hands and praise the Lord for his wonder and beauty.

The foreword is by Tim Keller…

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