It’s Dangerous to Be a Judge ~ Part 2

My Heart is for Israel

Sitting at the Feet of Yeshua

In my last post, we began to look at Yeshua’s instructions on judging ourselves found in Matthew 7:1-5.  In this post, we continue in Matthew 7 to learn what He has to say about judging others.

Here are three good reasons why we should be cautious of judging others:

  1. We never know the whole facts or the whole person.  Long ago Hillel, the famous Rabbi said, “Do not judge a man until you yourself have come into his circumstances or situation.”  No man knows the strength of another man’s temptations.  The fact is that if we realized what some people have to go through, so far from condemning them, we would be amazed that they have succeeded in being as good as they are.
  2. It is almost impossible for any man to be strictly impartial in his judgment.  Again and…

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