Life and Work – The State of the Church of Scotland Today


As we move into pre-Assembly season I want to begin a new weekly series looking at the state of the Church of Jesus Christ in Scotland, and assessing where we are, how things have changed in the past year and look at some of the opportunities and threats to us.   There is no particular order to this but I hope that these musings/observations will be helpful. Like all my writing I issue these with several warnings –

  • Don’t read between the lines – there ain’t none.
  • I fully agree that I could be wrong, in fact I know that I will be wrong in some things…so feel free to correct (in love!)
  • I don’t know the full picture – I don’t I know a fraction of it.
  • I love the church of Jesus Christ, whatever the denomination. Please don’t play the denominational game.
  • Please pray.   For the cause of the…

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