Women in the Apostolic Fathers: Introduction

Pursuing Veritas

Apostolic FathersIn the formative years between the time of the Apostles of Jesus and the Apologists of Christianity stand a number of texts which reflect the labor of early Church leaders as they attempted to outline acceptable ethics and what it meant to be the Christian Church. Long neglected, in recent decades scholars have turned to these writings—collectively called the Apostolic Fathers[1]—with increased vigor and the recognition that these sources offer valuable insights into the post-New Testament era. As Paul Foster explains, the writings of the Apostolic Fathers are especially useful for investigating “the initial stages of the transformation of a collection of individual communities loosely linked by their common belief in Jesus as God’s Messiah to an organization with a structured hierarchy and empire-wide links.”[2]

A plethora of studies on the Apostolic Fathers have appeared in recent years, many of which address questions of church order and…

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