On This Day In Messianic Jewish History


The first Messianic Jewish congregation has been established on Mars. Reporter Kai-Kjaer Hansolo of the Lausanne Consultation on Space Evangelism (LCSE) briefed members of the event by holographic telereport.


“This was not the first attempt to establish a congregation on Mars” he stated. “In fact, Joseph Samuel Christian Frederick Milky Way had attempted this after his efforts in the UK and USA, travelling with Jules Verne around several galaxies. Also Joseph Rabinowitstein travelled there on his proposed train for evangelism, working from the Back to the Future (part III) model pioneered by Dr. Michael Emmet Brown.”


The task of establishing the congregation has not been without difficulty, as Mars has an atmosphere that is theologically inhospitable to Messianic Judaism. Named after the Roman god of War, it took Mark Nanosphere in his book “The Mystery of Romans” several attempts to re-situate the astronomical context of Mars in order to demonstrate that…

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