A Musical Case For Typological Realism Part 2

Alastair's Adversaria

The second of my four part series on music and typology was published over on the Theopolis Institute yesterday (see part 1 here).

Music’s revelation of the potential goodness and beauty of transience and finitude can offer helpful new ways of conceiving of creation. Using the conceptual metaphors of music and song to think of creation can alert us to such things as the radical contingency of the world and its creatures, its complete dependence upon the continuing creative work of Spirit and Word of God, the delight of the Creator, and the calling of the creation to participate in this music in the echoing forth of joyful praise.

This brings into focus elements of creation that are less clear when we think of creation as if it were the construction of solid objects that endure through the homogeneous medium of time, or are subjected to its cruel ravages…

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