Biblical Studies Carnival CXII – March 2016

Reading Acts

No fooling, N. T. Wrong has risen from the dead to host the March 2016 Biblical Studies Carnival CXII. For those who are new to the BiblioBlog world, N. T. Wrong disappeared after hosting the Biblical Studies Carnival XXXVII in
February 2009. His carnival is a throwback to the good old days, so head over there and see what he has collected. (Or she, no one really knows N. T. Wrong’s proper pronoun.)

Jim West once opined “He or she is clearly a well-informed, gifted, and tremendously witty scholar who, unfortunately, is no longer active as a blogger. The choice of pseudonym sets the stage for what Wrong will attempt: the undermining of much of biblical scholarship by means of methods best described as shock and awe” (. “Blogging The Bible: A Short History,” Bulletin For The Study Of Religion 39.3 (2010): 2-6).


There is another important reason to visit his carnival…

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