2 April 1279 300 Jews Murdered in London #otdimjh

On This Day In Messianic Jewish History

2 April 1279 Blood Libel against the Jews of Northampton leads to murder of 300 Jews in London #otdimjh

aa King Edward I C Ken Welsh Bridgeman Art Library

“The most respectable Jews of London crucified a child on April 2nd” reports Florent de Worcester (Chron. 222), but it is difficult to find the basis either for the event or the report. The historian Graetz notes:

graetz620 (1)

“The enemies of the Jews did not tire of forging new charges against them. It was reported that the Jews of Northampton had crucified a Christian child. For this alleged crime many Jews in London were torn asunder by horses and their corpses hung on the gallows (April 2, 1279).

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On November 17, 1278, all Jews of England, believed to have numbered around 3,000, were arrested on suspicion of coin clipping and counterfeiting, and all Jewish homes in England were searched. At the time, coin clipping was a widespread practice, which both Jews…

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