Children, The Family and the Church


This article appears in the current edition of Scottish Christian Broadcast magazine.

It was an interesting ‘quinquennial’ visit from the Presbytery (for those not familiar with Presbyterian church procedure, quinquennials are five yearly visits from the local presbytery to see how the local church is getting on). Why don’t you have family services? Because we don’t have any children! Maybe you don’t have any children because you don’t have family services? It struck me that it was a somewhat superficial suggestion. Be that as it may from that date (and without holding ‘family services’) St Peters Dundee has had a continual flow of children to the extent that our crèche and Sunday school are overflowing.   It is something for which I, as the minister, am very thankful, and it has caused me to think a great deal about how the family (in its many shapes and sizes) can relate to…

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