Do you have your receipt?

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Eh, just two cents worth.

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Feminism in general makes the complaint in a thousand ways that men and women are absolutely not equal. How could they be? Is the Dead Sea and the Mediterranean Sea equal? Are apples and oranges equal? Does a man give birth? Does a man breast feed? Are honey bees and bumble bees equal? Therefore, it is an insult to common sense to suggest that the sexes are equal.

Feminism in particular does not appreciate the fact that there are ‘ladies tees’ in golf.  The gripe is also made that a woman is known as a ‘policeman,’ but myopia rears its wonderful head when it comes to see that a male can also be called a ‘nurse.’ C’mon people get over it.

Atheistic feminism promotes the gospel of humanism, (which has no use for One greater,) while forgetting the ingenuity of the Creator by making the…

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