Saddleback’s Leather Bible Cover: The One You’ve Been Waiting For (If It Fits)

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Finding classy and well-made Bible covers is surprisingly difficult, even on Amazon. Christian Book Distributors fares a little better. But you still have to wade through some, uh, options.

But what if she wants the eagle cover? But what if she wants the eagle cover?

NFL Bible Cover One way to solve the long sermon vs. game-starting-at-1 rivalry

Like a roaring... leopard? Like a roaring… leopard?

Plain canvas would be just fine. Full grain leather? Even better.


That’s the Leather Bible Cover from Saddleback Leather Company. No, not that Saddleback. This one.

Saddleback’s cover comes in four color options: Tobacco, Dark Coffee Brown, Black, and Chestnut (pictured above).

Here are a few more images, to introduce you:


Open Empty

The Bible slides right in:

Inside Left

Bible Open

That’s the UBS5 Greek New Testament, which, as you can see, is a little short for the cover, but otherwise is a great fit.

A closer look reveals consummate stitching:

Stitching Close-up

Back Right Close-up

The closure mechanism is easy to get used to…

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