The Peril of Forgetting Jonathan

Samaritan's Song

Oh, Jonathan.

Jonathan, David’s best friend, who never slayed a Goliath, who never earned the hearts of Israel with his relentless slaughter of Philistines.

Jonathan, who – when David came to him desperate and afraid for his life – soothed him and swore a covenant of friendship, loyalty, and love “between your descendants and my descendants forever” (1 Samuel 20:42).

Jonathan, who acknowledged with humility, grace, and no trace of bitterness or complaint that he “would be second to” a last-born shepherd in spite of his royal birthright and position as Saul’s firstborn son.

Jonathan, who sat humiliated and helpless at the table while his own father derided him as the “son of a perverse and rebellious woman…[who has sided with the son of Jesse] to his own shame” (1 Samuel 20: 30).

Jonathan, who ducked the spear thrown at him by his own father.

Jonathan, who grew so…

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