When Church is Boring

r e F o c u s

A friend of mine recently visited my church with her kids. Because of the nature of my job, I wasn’t able to check in with her to see how things went afterwards, but later that night, this popped up in my Facebook feed.

I figured Izzie was worn out during worship today and probably didn’t listen as closely as she normally would. While we did our chores tonight she blew me out of the water when she accurately explained what the Swoon Theory was and even why she didn’t think it was a good argument.

I couldn’t help but smile. Because I sat behind this family during the sermon and I agreed with the mother’s assessment that her children didn’t appear too engaged. The word “bored” may have crossed my mind. Because sometimes… church is boring.

Brutal honesty time.

Sometimes, my kids think church is “boring.”

Not that long ago…

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