The Bane of Bullies, Recluses on Drama Queens

Applied Faith

Self-EsteemThere is a multi-headed beast that affects a wide spectrum of personality types.  Let’s see if you’ve seen this spiritual serpent slither into the actions and attitudes of someone you know.  Have you ever seen any of the following people in situations?

  1. A physically or emotionally abused child who becomes a playground bully
  2. A gifted student intimidated by less talented students who hides their gifts and talents
  3. A person who constantly baits others into their crisis and drama

All of these people share the same affliction: Low Self-Esteem

bannerSelf-esteem affects us throughout our lifetimes.  It can give us the confidence to aspire and achieve great things.  It can also crush our confidence and create imaginary barriers that hinder our progress in life.  We build our lives on the foundation of our past experiences.  Healthy experiences build healthier experiences, but experiences crippled by negative feelings of inadequacy will build a foundation…

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