Well, here I am again, feeling guilty because it’s been so long since I’ve regularly posted. I’ve been working on a book project for a while and so that’s taken up much of my blog-writing time. So here’s another Q&A. I’m thinking I may do this (posting theological Q&A’s) semi-regularly to keep material forthcoming.

The following response is in reply to a question of what potentially sounds like a biblical contradiction.


The question you raised is a good one. Did God write the second set of 10 Commandments after Moses threw down and broke the first pair? We know that the first pair of tablets were written by God’s finger (Ex. 31:18), and in Ex. 34:1 God said he would write the second set of tablets. Yet later in the chapter we read: “The Lord said to Moses: Write these words; in accordance with these words I have made…

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