Samaritan's Song

Every now and then there’s a verse from the Bible that returns frequently to convict me.  One of the most powerful of these is Proverbs 19:11, and I feel guilty every time I stumble across it:

A person’s wisdom yields patience; it is one’s glory to overlook an offense.

Most Christians like to think they are forgiving. That they are good at it, even. And whenever I stumble across Christians who do confess trouble with forgiving, it’s always over something like rape or murder or some incomprehensible personal pain or betrayal.  “I just can’t forgive,” they say, tears welling up, “even though I know God wants me too and I should.”  And we comfort them and soothe them because man, forgiving rape and murder and personal betrayal, that’s tough stuff.

We like to think we’re good at forgiving everything else.

But we aren’t.  We aren’t for a lot of reasons. …

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