8 April 1927 Warsaw/Budapest Conferences on Jewish Evangelism

On This Day In Messianic Jewish History

8 April 1927 “The Christian Approach to the Jew” Conferences in Warsaw and Budapest #otdimjh


90 years ago an important conference on Jewish evangelism was held in Budapest. Indeed two important conferences were held in 1927: one in Budapest (April 7-13) and one in (April 19-25). Kai Kjaer-Hansen gives some glimpses from them.

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“The Eighth International Jewish Missionary Conference was held in Stockholm in 1911. The next in Hamburg in 1914. These conferences were hosted by different Jewish mission societies. The conferences one in Budapest and one in Warsaw in 1927 were arranged, and supported, by the International Missionary Council, whose chairman was the prominent Dr John R. Mott from the USA. He was president for the two conferences.

Each of the conferences had just under 100 participants. Some people attended both conferences….

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If we deduce the repeat participants, the number of individuals then roughly corresponds to the number gathered here…

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