It’s Not Our Job To Monitor The Ministry of Others

Samaritan's Song

I often marvel at Luke 9:49-50.

Jesus has been preaching and teaching and predicting His death.  And the Twelve?  Well, they’ve become The Twelve: Jesus’ associates, his right-hand men, his band of earthly brothers.  They couldn’t have been unaware of their status.  Jesus has shared secrets with them that no one else was meant to know, after all.  Some of them witnessed the transfiguration.

Their new sense of identity shows in this chapter, especially when they start to argue over who would be the greatest among them (9:46).  While blind to the sacrifice God would demand at Cavalry, the disciples nonetheless had the sense that something big was going on, that they stood atop the shoulders of history.  That they were The Twelve and, in some sense, special because of that.

Which is what makes verses 49-50 so interesting.

John gives the report.  “Master,” he says, “we saw someone…

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